Strengths: Rare movement skills for his size, versatility, slippery, technically sound tackler (rarely misses), very good at blitzing, defensive line experience, creates turnovers

Weaknesses: Off the field concerns, will take time for him to improve coverage skills, undisciplined at times

Conclusion: Parsons was able to end his career at Penn State on a high note with an excellent 2019 season that led to Penn State winning the Cotton Bowl and Parsons himself being named Cotton Bowl Defensive MVP. He also was able to work on his skillset due to opting out of the 2020 season. He doesn’t have much experience in coverage, so it will take time for him to improve there, but his combination of size, speed, rare movement skills and intelligence is a good sign that he will. His movement skills from playing running back and defensive end (five-star DE recruit) in high school are the strength of his game. He’s able to shake blockers with his slippery movement skills to create pressure and negative plays. Excellent at working through “trash” to find the ball. He also beats teammates to the ball when he’s further away from the ball than his teammates. Rangy sideline to sideline guy. Teams will have to do extensive research on those damning off the field allegations.

Overall grade: 7 (Perennial Pro-Bowler eventually) I’m very high on Parsons, but like all prospects there are questions about him. Are his off the field concerns legit? Will he put the time in to improve in coverage? The talent is there.